Gods Of Lo

Pulsing through Lo is a force of life; a spiritual world supporting and invisible to our own. Spirits swirl in an endless dance through all things. Normally, these spirits are benign, tumultuous, and relatively anonymous to each other.

But, every so often, a spirit is recognized. In its limited course, it may have helped a farmer find a stray sheep, hidden a housewife’s other sock, or given some sign to a soldier on a battlefield. Any little demonstration may be done, and the recipient may become a believer. That belief strengthens the spirit, and allows it to grow. Usually, these acts are soon forgotten, and the spirit returns to normal. If it is not, however; if it is remembered, shared, enshrined, then the power may remain, and the spirit will remain augmented. If it continues in this way, and finds more believers, then someday, the spirit may become much more. It may become a god.

Because of this way, belief becoming reality, crusades are perfectly viable ways to kill or weaken a deity. Prayers or earnest demonstrations of faith may actually be smiled upon by a god, and blasphemies against his name may be smited, all in order to prove his own existence.

The current gods of Lo are mostly eon-long transformations of the old gods melding into the changing times to keep themselves in power, or new gods that have come with the radical new beliefs of a revolutionary culture.

These deities are easily broken down from their location.

Gods Of Lo

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