Gods of Talena

Talena is at the forefront of the technological revolution. Her gods are powerful beings that are the patrons of various aspects of man and nature. They walk the earth, can appear in many forms, and are extremely powerful, though not technically immortal.

The civilized gods are manifestations of the myriad aspects of civilized life. Prayers are generally given to all, but specific praise is reserved for the patron of a specific point of life. The gods, and their basic patronages are:
  • The Clockwork King – Technology, creation, time, and gnomes
  • Cornwall – God of chivalry, gentry, business, and humans
  • Lord Helton – Politics and war
  • Lonna – Love, duty, devotion
  • Pith – Exploration, adventure, treasure
  • L’enar – Romance, bravery, combat
  • Eureka – Serendipity, art, invention
  • Hagatha – Contentment, poverty, family, fertility
  • Gradis – Labor, Drink, Mirth, and dwarves
  • Zeth – Trade, travel
  • Death – Death
  • The Lady – Luck

The savage gods are the spirits of nature. As civilization spreads and the natural world becomes marginalized, these beings become more ferocious. As the technological revolution advances, these gods are in a fight for their very survival. They are generally unforgiving or uncaring towards the plights of any people unless they can somehow aid their struggle. These gods are:

  • Jeran Drull – A.K.A. The Gray Admiral, Captain of Souls. God of the sea and its disasters, great storms, whirlpools, and undeath.
  • The Fairy King – A.K.A. Shadow of the Wood, Lord of the Forest. God of forests, dark places, fauna, fey, and the elves.
  • Grossik Morkan – A.K.A. The Warlord of the Forge, Barbarian King. God of volcanoes, earthquakes, fires, and barbaric people.
  • The Jaguar King – A.K.A. The Predator, the Shadow that Hunts. God of dangerous animals and werebeasts.
  • Mammon Samedon A.K.A. The Lord of Too Much. God of hedonism, indulgence, drugs, murder, and orgies.
  • Lothesius Magnusodonis A.K.A. The Magister. God of magic, wizards, and chaos.

Gods of Talena

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