Talena is one of the four Great Continents of Lo. While the smallest of the continents, it is the land of the most abundant political power and advanced technology. Culturally, it is a varied mix of ancient traditions and revolutionary new ideas.

Ancient History

In ancient times, the entire continent of Talena was conquered by the Grand King Sardon who ruled from his capital Summersgrace, in the relative center of the continent. His lands were divided and watched over by his relatives, commanding generals, and close advisers. Over time, the titles willed on to those best suited for them, rather than hereditary lines. Political disputes were settled in the king’s court, with his judgment being treated as accepted law. Overall, the political system was effective and peaceful so long as the king and ruling nobles were relatively benevolent. This kingdom continued for nearly 1200 years and is still remember as one of the most enlightened times in history.

In the year 0FG, the reigning grand king, Reichner, was seduced by great and unknown powers. His mental decline was much debated amongst the noble classes and a war of succession began.

After years of brutal fighting, those nobles still loyal to the king were called to court to decide the best plan of defense against the dissenters. While little is known of what happened at that final meeting, the results were quite clear; the highest ranking nobles of Talena (including all of the dukes and duchesses) disappeared, the capital city and the land around it were flooded, and the people of the region were transformed into grotesque monsters.

Speculation remains to this day as to what really happened. Unfortunately, those brave enough to venture into the swamps for answers, treasure, or relics of office come back completely deranged, if it all. The only commonly accepted truths are that whatever happened transformed all the people of Summersrest Duchy into abominations and a creature by the name of S’lithisis now inhabits the capital city.

Modern History

As word of the capital’s destruction spread, the war came to an abrupt end. The center of power lost, the kingdom fragmented into what were effectively separate countries, while still under their traditional titles. Unique cultural identities developed and the more modern nations began to develop, though still technically binding themselves to ancient laws and customs. These nations are:

  • Elydria – Also called the Barony of Elydria.
  • Tamara – Also called the Barony of Tamara.
  • Clockwork County – Now part of Transden Proper.

    Regions without political influence include:


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